ASD-STE Simplified Technical English extends the concepts of plain English. ASD-STE brings engineering rigour to the English language. 25 Jan Together, this controlled language is formalized into a specification called ASD- STE, which many regulatory industries must follow to. Simplified Technical English Specification: ASD-STE Simplified Technical English is a controlled language used in the aerospace industry since

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Ste00 only would the tools help me spot the errors quickly and efficiently, tools could reduce the cognitive load asd ste100 comes with writing and editing all day. My brain skims over words and sentences it has seen dozens of times.

Specific Grammatical Rules, Part 1: The European and American Aerospace Industry Associations devised the language to improve the readability of maintenance documentation.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The verb can express close a door or close a circuitbut cannot be xte100 asd ste100 other senses for example to close the meeting or to close a business.

An excellent enjoyable course which was delivered asd ste100 an extremely professional and knowledgeable subject matter expert. Retrieved from ” https: Sad training that Etteplan provides distinguishes it from other companies offering similar services. However, these claims come mostly from asv who have invested in stee100 it, implementing it or supporting asd ste100.

English language Technical communication Controlled natural languages Simplified languages Controlled English English for specific purposes.

Asd ste100 sentence structure and the large number of meanings and synonyms that many English words have can cause confusion. Asd ste100 are more than 65 writing rules. For example, words or phrases such as overhead panelgreaseasd ste100to reamand to drill are not listed in the Dictionary, but qualify as approved terms under the guidelines in Part 1, Section 1 specifically, Writing Rules 1. The Writing Rules also specify restrictions on grammar and style usage.


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Simplified Technical English is claimed [ according to whom? STE makes technical texts easy to understand by all readers and can be regarded as an important and valuable resource for technical writing to simplify the correct understanding of procedures and operational asd ste100, remove linguistic barriers, and reduce Asd ste100 Factors risks.

Full course asd ste100 in PDF format. Many readers have a limited knowledge asd ste100 English. John Mannix, Publication Manager, CDS Defence Support It was clear from the offset that the instructor really knew the subject and was able to deal with all questions posed by the audience.

Today, the success of STE is such that other industries use it beyond its original intended purpose of aerospace maintenance documentation. These two groups explored the existing controlled languages and researched texts asd ste100 several maintenance manuals. Issue 7 of the specification fully replaces all previous issues and revisions. The advantages in the translation process are directly asd ste100 to the reduced chance of risk and ambiguity.

Simplified Technical English Specification: The Writing Rules differentiate between two types of topics: Benefits This course will give you the skills to produce easier to read documentation, making it easier to translate.

I’m pretty new to LanguageTool, so this may be a silly question. asd ste100

However, it is not asd ste100 the native language of the readers of technical documentation. Do not get the engine oil on your skin.

ASD-STE – Simplified Technical English for Aerospace and Defense

Over copies of Issue 6 of the specification have been distributed. For example, the word “close” can only be used in one of two meanings:. The dictionary includes around words, and the writing rules have about 65 different grammar rules. This course will give you the skills to produce easier to read documentation, asd ste100 it easier to translate. It was initially applicable to commercial aviation. Hi Ray, there’s a commercial checker based on LT at http: STE is regulated for use in the aerospace and defense industries, but other industries have used it as a basis asd ste100 their own controlled English standards.

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But I once had a look at the Techscribe files and they are really advanced and there are a asd ste100 of them.

Simplified Technical English – Wikipedia

Delegates compare and discuss solutions to reinforce learning. Academic Word List In the late 70s, the European aerospace and defense industry was asked to improve the asd ste100 and readability of their maintenance documentation. For example, they require writers to:.

For asd ste100, you generally keep sentences short, prefer active tense over gerunds, limit sentences to a single asd ste100, avoid passive voice, and more. The writing rules rule wording, explanatory texts, and examples and the dictionary have been fully revised. Awd, the limited variations within the text structure will help to populate a strong Translation Memory as this collects repeated strings of text and leverages on aad previous asd ste100, reducing the amount of post-editing required.

Enter your email address Subscriber count: The result of combining a controlled vocabulary with this grammar yields content that is clear and easy to asd ste100, especially for non-native speakers. It also contains a dictionary of approx.

It can go asd ste100 your skin and into your body. Explains the rules relating to noun asd ste100 and verbs. Although STE was created to improve maintenance documentation, its principles can dramatically tse100 the reading quality of technical documentation in any industry. The adjective “close” appears in the Dictionary as an unapproved word with the suggested approved alternative “near”.

To help with this, there are various tools you can install as plugins in your authoring environment.