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These types are compact, silence, and efficient. A process piping and equipment which forms part of centrifugal or axial compressor system can usually be considered as analogous to the liquid-full pumped systems considerations and the design pressure may be determined in a buku pintar migas indonesia manner.

buku pintar migas

For reciprocating pumps, install a pulsation dampener to minimize pulsations. If high point unavoidable, venting facilities located for frequent use shall be provided, i. Pumps handling viscous liquids which are migws viscous than water shall have their buku pintar migas indonesia performance correction compliant with the centrifugal pump section of the Hydraulic Institute Standards.

A standard test separator would separate and measure the oil, water and gas phases.

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Spacer and spades shall be installed instead of spectacle blinds in the following cases: Pump efficiencies will drop off quickly when flow rates much different from those at peak efficiency. Where leakage of liquid to atmosphere could become a potential source of fire hazard. If there is no oxygen, piintar of operating temperature can be used as maximum, although vendor or buku pintar migas indonesia propose other values.

For all hydrocarbon pipeline pump discharge lines, High Pressure Sensor PSH should be installed at discharge line of the pump with buku pintar migas indonesia point between maximum operating pressure and design pressure determined at equipment downstream of discharge line. Various engineering articles from legacy Unocal.

The main separation takes place with retention time and then the mist pad to remove the smaller liquid particles. D — Sump or Liquid collecting Section.

Horizontal separators can be single piintar double barrel and can be equipped with sumps or boots and also equipped with weir plate if it has function as 3 phase separation. The discharge temperature of buku pintar migas indonesia from reciprocating compressors is generally limited buku pintar migas indonesia about indoneska — oF oC — oC. A separator can be vertical or horizontal, also spherical vessel may also be used for high pressure and high liquid hold up system like storage of light buku pintar migas indonesia hydrocarbon, etc.


When this or any type of compressor is to be used in multiple services, the vendor is to be supplied with data on the molecular weight of the gases. This will protect the compressor from liquid carryover in the gas which can cause damage to the compressor. A suitable buffer liquid is then applied between the primary and the secondary seal to create optimum running conditions for the seal faces and to prevent leakage to atmosphere.

The simplest type is invonesia gear pump, which is generally used for small capacities 0. Exception for screw type, indonwsia scrubber can be uninstalled where liquid phase may inlet to the compressor section without damaging its compressor.

Sufficient liquid height above the suction piping inlet, or installation buku pintar migas indonesia a vortex breaker, should be provided to avoid vortex formation which may result in vapors together with liquids entering the pump. Under these maintenance conditions, more than one separation train would be favored to avoid interrupting crude production.

Engineering articles from internet. Sometimes, buku pintar migas indonesia diaphragm is used to power a reciprocating pump with air or natural gas. Pig Receiver Pig receiver is used to receive pigged water from the upstream pipeline and acted opposite of pig launcher function.

TSHH should be installed to shut off inlet flow rate of the gas to the compressor. This equipment consists of a small pressure vessel containing a cushion of gas sometimes buku pintar migas indonesia from indojesia pumped fluid by a diaphragm. Y Indentifikasi besar dan pengaruh aquifer cadangan air.

High suction pressure e. These types are essentially self-priming and have a high tolerance for buku pintar migas indonesia gases but not usually for solids unless they may be become crushed or flattened. The final design of the vessel should be able to perform one or more of above listed functions as per the need of the process. Mechanical seals are the most common sealing devices for centrifugal pumps in process applications.


Equipment Protection Requirement…………………………………………… 2. The pressure relief valve shall be lined up between the discharge line upstream of the block check valve and the suction vessel.

Peristaltic pump, in which fluid is squeezed through a flexible tube by the follower. When buku pintar migas indonesia powered pumps are used, a SDV should be located near the high pressure wet glycol outlet of the glycol contactor to shut off flow from the contactor and to shut down the pumps. To minimize maintenance on the stuffing box assembly. Number cases when arise of closure and throttling of discharge may result damage to pumps which protection buku pintar migas indonesia be required in following cases: The outline should be simple as practical including centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary pumps.

Where other noise control measures, such as acoustic insulation or acoustic enclosures, are required, they shall not in any case obstruct operational or routine maintenance activities. At initial start-up, pumps shall be protected by temporarily inserting a fine mesh screen on the upstream side of the permanent strainer.

Buku Pintar MIGAS INDONESIA – Reservoir Engineering – [PDF Document]

Larger centrifugal pumps have a somewhat greater viscosity tolerance. Also, the provision of a non slam type check valve should be considered to minimize the possibility of surges pressure in the discharge line work. In reciprocating pumps, this will minimize pulsations. When a compressor lndonesia to be used in vacuum or refrigerant service, peak driver load may be required during start-up and a foot note to this effect is to be added to the specification form.

These buku pintar migas indonesia filter switching without stopping the pump. A level gauge and drain indobesia are built into the knock out buku pintar migas indonesia. Single acting piston pump operated by a crank.