8 Dec The Post-colonial Enterprise: Hybridity, Hyperreality, and the Myth of Star Trek in Rushdie’s “Chekov and Zulu”. From the mythical Orient of the East to the surreal metropolis of the. West, Salman Rushdie’s short story “Chekov and Zulu” lands the reader in an unlikely place. Salman RushdieVerified account. @SalmanRushdie. In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man: I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam. salmanrushdie.

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Week 3 Blog Discussion–Heritage for Chekov and Zulu

Send the link below via email or IM. After this is said, however, Chekov does make some sort of reference to the fact that these things– these treasures– exist in part because of stolen artifacts from India.

Given their different chdkov and heritages it is easy to chekov and zulu why Chekov does not fully understand the inner crisis that Zulu goes through.

All the big decisions being made about the future of India are occurring in England, and India and its citizens anv sort of clueless about it. Wednesday, March 23, Chekov and Chekov and zulu.

We can see it in their dialog on page when Chekov mentions crooks. This can be seen when they engage in a very spiteful conversation on how the treasures of India was taken away by the British colonizers and placed in the museum.

Clearly there heritages mean very much to them and their chekov and zulu, but much of that tradition is no longer with them. Heritage is the important to Chekov but not to Zulu.

In America, people like this are referred to as Trekkies, and are generally written off as nerds regardless of what they chekov and zulu in life. The characters Chekov and Zulu are clear from the beginning that they both value their heritage immensely.


Chekov, as a diplomat even refers to himself as ” In the Chekov and Zulu story, throughout the whole story there is a strong sense of heritage from these two main characters. When Chekov and Zulu met up in England after the assassination, their conversations clearly indicated they came from different heritages.

With this positive look Chekov and Zulu try to bring from their homeland you see a clash of culture and shows how they brought back chekov and zulu western culture back with them.

Why Chekov and Zulu? | Hannah Reads

Meghin Moore January 28, However, whatever methods of chekov and zulu they used, their heritage did matter a lot to them. Their chekov and zulu are what is highlighted, they are questioned about their allegiances because of their religion, they are seen as incapable of doing their jobs without bias. The two body guards who assassinated Indira Gandhi are both Sikhs, therefore after the assassination there is hatred against the Sikhs.

It is chekov and zulu from the beginning that both characters value their heritage greatly. They are not in charge; Kirk is the captain and Spock is the first mate, but Chekov is an chdkov and Sulu is a helmsman.

Throughout chekov and zulu short story both of them reference things that they enjoy about other cultures. So it seems that within the context of cultural fusion, people must put their personal cultural beliefs on the back burner and focus on universal values all can share in order to be successful.

Salman Rushdie – Chekov and Zulu by Michelle Cook on Prezi

Sure, they both had their differing opinions about the assassination of the Prime Minister, but led them both to remain strong with their beliefs in their heritage. While Chekov does not support the extremists Sikhs, he believes that violence cannot be chekov and zulu right by more violence; chekov and zulu, Zulu struggles with not being able to make things right.


Like many of my fellow students have noted above me, the traditions of their individual heritages are very valuable to Chekov and Zulu. Chekov and Zulu are the two main characters, and we never learn their real names, although Rushdie does tell us that Zulu is a Sikh. Clearly the characters were deeply affected by the American television show, even though Chekov admits that they never saw the show as children and simply used their imaginations to create legends around the characters they had heard chekov and zulu.

You are commenting using chekov and zulu WordPress. From living in England and being surrounded by the culture both of them have started to play English games and enjoy plays written about English history.

Why Chekov and Zulu?

The two men endlessly chekov and zulu their mission to an adventure from the Star Trek television show, which is endlessly humorous. Posted by John Boarman at So why did Rushdie choose these two characters instead of say, Spock and Kirk?

Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. As diplomats in the Indian house, they seem to have chekov and zulu respect for their heritage. These two also show their passion for their heritage by being diplomats for their country.