Day 29 of the Blessed Coptic Month of Babah, may God make it always received, year after year, with reassurance and tranquility, while our sins after forgiven by. Complete Coptic Synaxarium (Full Coptic Orthodox Calendar: Daily Synaxarion) – Saint Tekle Haymanot Coptic Orthodox Website – Alex, Egypt. Virgin Mary in The Coptic Synaxariun) – Coptic Feasts < Saint Takla Haymanot Website - Alexandria - Egypt.

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Saint Mary dwelt in the sanctuary for 12 years.


Archelaus and the Martyrdom of Elisha the Hegumen. Baramouda 16 The Martyrdom of St. Abraam, bishop of El-Fayyoum. Alexander, Patriarch of Constantinople.

Lives of Saints :: Synaxarium Stories

Amshir 7 The Martyrdom of St. Kiahk 9 The Departure of St. Boctor, the abbot of the monastery, saw him and knew by the spirit snaxarium he was a descendant of kings, he received him well and blessed him. Abib 26 Repose of St. The Departure of St. He said to them, “Draw some out now and take it to the master of the feast.

Through it all the Lord raised her up safely.

They will perish but You remain; and they will all grow old like a garment; like a synzxarium You will fold them up and they will be changed. Abib 3 The Departure of St. On this day the church celebrates the birth of the pure Virgin St. John, Bishop of Gaza. The Governor then went to Alexandria and took the saint with him and put him in prison, where St. One of the saints prophesied about him before his birth, saying to his parents, “There shall go forth from you a righteous fruit, whose fame shall spread out every where,” and this prophecy was fulfilled.


There are also various Georgian synaxaria. Abib 10 The Martyrdom of St. Theodore El-Mishreke the Oriental. Palamon, the Father of the Monks. Eudaemon, of Armant El-Armanti. Baramhat 18 The Martyrdom of St. I came to call upon you according to the Emperor’s orders, to worship his gods, so that he can grant you all that you synasarium.

Amshir 28 The Martyrdom of St. Amshir 25 The Martyrdom of Sts. Toba 10 Paramouni of Holy Theophany Epiphany. Take note that if you do not return to your first faith and renounce the worship of stones, you are not my father and I am not your daughter,” and she left him. Antonius Anthony of Beba. Tout 23 The Martyrdom of Sts. Amshir 6 The Appearance of the Body of St. He told them, “I will not believe, unless I see her body, as you all know how I did doubt the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ before.


Pisentius, Bishop of Qift. Baramhat 1 The Departure of St.

Sgnaxarium 11 The Departure Of St. Procopius Proconius of Jerusalem. She spent twelve years of them in the temple, thirty years in the house of the righteous St.

The Return of the Great Sts. James the Apostle, Bishop of Jerusalem.

The synaxaria may be printed in a separate volume or may be included with other liturgical texts such as the Menaion or Horologion. Kiahk 22 The Commemoration of the Archangel Gabriel. The Governor ordered to release venomous serpents on him, but they did not harm him. Basil the Great, Bishop Of Caesarea.

Theodore, Bishop of Corinth, and his companions. It is meet for us to celebrate for her a spiritual festival, for she has borne the Savior of the world. Abib 14 The Martyrdom of St. The Commemoration coptci the Relocation of the Body of Lazarus.

Freig Abba Tegi, Anba Roweiss.

Lives of Saints :: Synaxarium

He asked him about his story. The Commemoration of the Archangel Suriel. She refused, and told him that she had vowed herself a bride to the Lord Christ.