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Mozaik knjiga first published Nothing to aid you in dealing with low EQ people. Reading some of the reviews form others on Good reads, I see that I am not alone in my disappointment.

[PDF] Daniel goleman emocionalna inteligencija pdf – Free Download PDF

The book has self-help elements, but it’s more scholarship and argument, and I was just getting depressed over how emotionally unintelligent I’ve been. Create entries for regular clients and routine hauling needs. The EQ theory has many of the same flaws as theories of IQ. He leans forward menacingly, his fists clenched, as he says in an annoyed tone, “Should I put them to bed now?

For example, the claim that rape has increased in dajiel years belies the fact that incest was inteilgencija prevalent in the past that Dajiel Freud instead of believe all of the women who came to him to report they had been raped by their father in the past chose to disbelieve all of them, and instead decided all of these victims had made up their experiences because they secretly wanted to have sex with their fathers.


More or less we Recommended by a dear friend of mine, I went to see a psychotherapist. Carol Dweck cites this book frequently in her own book Mindset: It is expected to take some three months to complete.

For instance, Johnson and Johnson another CREIO member found that in divisions around the world, those identified at mid career as having high leadership potential were far stronger in EI competencies than were their less-promising peers. No trivia or quizzes yet. But in the middle of the book, I gave up.

Daniel goleman emocionalna inteligencija pdf

His philosophy to manage our emotional life with intelligence. My e-mail inbox often contains queries, from, for example, a doctoral student in Bulgaria, a school teacher in Poland, a college student in Indonesia, a business consultant in South Africa, a management expert in the Sultanate of Oman, an executive in Shanghai. The Wall Street Journal ranked him one of the 10 most influential business thinkers. On the other hand I really liked those little curiosities like: Adults are mostly shaped during childhood.

There are some interesting things in the book, things that are hard to disagree with, such as emotional skills and self-knowledge are important. They are more practical and not dense. After the sixth visit, I decided not to consult her any more. All facts are supported by research, which to author links to. Goleman bases this aspect of his theory on some whopping assumptions. If youre actually interested in curating emotional intelligence, this is not the book for you.

Leadership that gets results demands a triple focus: This day and age I think very few people still need convincing that there is such a thing as emotional intelligence; we all know that Sheldon Cooper was at the back of the queue when they were handing it out.


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If you have to criticize someone, pick a specific incident and point out exactly what should have been done differently and what was inteligncija well. I don’t need to be educated on the things I already know but rather practical ways to better manage emotion with daily life, family, friends, work, a relationship etc etc Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And I think he doesn’t understand the real purpose of emotions and how the are the source of emotional intelligence.

View all 3 comments. Quotes from Emocionalna intel Crossword Forge for Windows 7. My problems with this book stem from the wider dwniel Goleman makes for EQ as a mental function. It’s only Western Civilization that has propagated the belief that IQ is the scale to judge people by.

Emocionalna Inteligencija, Danijel Goleman | Nina Cakic –

Most of the contents in the books seemed unnecessary to me. I was lost in the book. It is true that emotional intelligence e,ocionalna very important and unfortunately this is not part of formal education system.

We need every aspect of intelligence and not just have a push-pull relationship like ‘This is important but oh, this matters less that THAT intelligence”.