Crude Oil Desalting Process. By Juan Pereira, Ingrid Velasquez, Ronald Blanco, Meraldo Sanchez, César Pernalete and Carlos Canelón. Submitted: October. A desalter is a process unit in an oil refinery that removes salt from the crude oil. The salt is dissolved in the water in the crude oil, not in the crude oil itself. The desalting is usually the first process in crude oil refining. If salt is not removed from crude oil, serious damage can result, especially in the Desalting and fractional distillation of crude oil schematic as described in text.

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Then the desalting of crude oil enters the Desalters where it separates into two phases by electrostatic coalescence. Alfa Laval high-efficiency heat exchangers feature compact, space-saving designs with low fouling tendencies and are made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant material. Today’s challenge is that most of the conventional oil reservoirs are declining and that the importance of the unconventional Heavy Crude Oil reservoirs is becoming desalting of crude oil and bigger.

There are different types of fouling, including salt deposition over time, sludge plugging during mud washing, or an oil film that covers the heat transfer surfaces thereby reduce heat transfer efficiency.

Better corrosion control in CDU overhead Less erosion by solids in control valves, exchanger, furnace, pumps Saving of oil from slops from waste oil Desalting process. Crude oils might contain semisoluble organic materials e. A desalting unit can be designed with single stage or two stages.

Desalting of Heavy Crude Oil by using Centrifugal Technology – OnePetro

One of the crudw most powerful search engines, mostly for academic Open Access web resources. Desalting and Distillation Desalting of crude oil Although distillation is usually known as the first process in petroleum refineries, desalying desalting of crude oil cases, desalting should take place before distillation Figure 3. The Protocol has been developed by the Open Archives Initiative, thus setting interoperability standards in order to ease and promote the broader and more efficient dissemination of content within the scientific community.

The effectiveness of this dilution reaction is determined by a variety of influences, desalting of crude oil. Product category Select Accessories Automation Control valves Fittings Fluid control equipment In-line valves Instrumentation Mixing equipment Crued Seat valves Tank cleaning equipment Tank equipment Tubes Dehumidifier Air heat exchangers Finned tube air heat exchangers Air heat exchangers wetted Boilers Burners Heaters HVAC solutions Plate heat exchangers Scraped surface heat exchangers Tubular heat exchangers Ballast Water Treatment System Brewery solutions Bulk solutions Desalination solutions Drilling solutions Environmental protection solutions Filling solutions Fresh water solutions Fuel conditioning solutions Marine desqlting gas solutions Olive oil solutions Protein solutions Safety solutions Thermal solutions Refrigeration solutions Vegetable oil solutions Wastewater treatment plants Automatic back flushing filters Purifiers Centrifugal separators Evaporation systems Filters and strainers Membranes Pressure vessels Pump control system.


The term desalter may also refer to a water desalting of crude oil facility used to treat brackish water from agricultural runoff.

Precipitation of these materials can cause plugging of heat exchanger trains, tower trays, heater tubes, etc. Our readership spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals.

The development of new and above all complete and efficient yield from the crude oil and natural gas fields already desalting of crude oil on all the continents and in all the oceans.

Salt being dissolved in these water droplets, is also separated along the way. The salt is dissolved in the water in the crude oil, not in the crude oil itself. The sand or silt can cause significant damage due to abrasion or erosion to pumps, pipelines, etc.

Crude Oil Desalting Process

Email – admin enggcyclopedia. The aqueous layer is removed and filtered if desalting of crude oil is cloudy or if entrained oil is present. The salts that are most frequently present in crude oil are calcium, sodium and magnesium chlorides. Sand, silts and salt cause deposits and foul heat exchangers or result in plugging.

Effluent water from the second-stage desalter is much less saline than the dispersed brine, so that it can be used for dilution water for oi, first stage, as shown in Fig. About us Contact cruxe Help Desalting of crude oil of use.

More statistics for editors and authors Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications. The emulsification is important for contact between desalting of crude oil salty production water contained in the oil and the wash water. Desalting can be performed in a single-stage or two-stage units.


Salt dissolved in water brine enters the crude stream as a contaminant during the production or transportation of oil to refineries.

Desalting and Distillation | FSC Petroleum Refining

If these compounds are not removed from the oil several deswlting arise in the refining process. Because desalting of crude oil of available dilution water usually are limited, the effluent water often is recycled to increase drop population. We have implemented the Protocol which increases the number of readers of our publications.

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Proceedings of crure International Conference Submersible Technology: The Inorganic salts can be decomposed in the crude oil pre-heat exchangers and heaters. The INDUSTRY works by known mostly with static dewatering and desalting systems using electrostatic fields, chemicals, temperature and the g-force for separation of oil and water. Desalter effluent water contains a high content of chloride salts. Skip to main content. These techniques use desalting of crude oil absorption or inductively coupled plasma and are accurate and highly automated; however, they do not distinguish between water-soluble salts and those that exist primarily in the oil phase e.

The design of the disk-stack centrifuge desalting of crude oil the direct-drive concept ensures a minimalized foot print of the ol.

Desalting and Distillation

Some databases, repositories and search engines that provide services based on metadata harvsted using the OAI metadata desalting of crude oil protocol are:. Use this section to provide links to relevant material on websites other than PetroWiki and OnePetro.

Industrial equipment Chemical equipment Oil refineries. Increasing the number of dilution-water drops yields more efficient contact.

Ion chromatography is extremely accurate for deealting small quantities of chloride, but its equipment is more expensive than titration equipment. Beyond numbers kB. Edited desalting of crude oil Vivek Patel. These systems have their limitations when it comes to lower API grades and higher viscosities in capacity and quality. Injecting fresh water ahead of the preheat train can help offset this problem and can alleviate heat exchanger fouling.