Duncton Wood [William Horwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A community of moles in a forest near Oxford faces a bleak and . Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A community of moles in a forest near. Duncton Wood is a novel by William Horwood about moles that live in the English countryside – specifically, the fictional Duncton Wood in Oxfordshire. The .

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The mole he chose, was none other than Burrhead, father of Bracken. Duncton wood Wood is the duncton wood love story of Bracken and Rebecca and the trials they must face and overcome to be as one. However it is not the child-friendly work that it appears from summaries and the fact that it’s about moles.

Duncton Wood by William Horwood

Very gradually, Rune gained power. However, as I suggested, it duncton wood actually two stories in one. However there are other books that start off good but are so long that by the time I start getting close to the end my eyes start glasing over and I quickly begin to lose interest.

There are five sequels, but this novel remains to my reading the centerpiece of the series. Horwood duncton wood an extremelly skilled writer and duncton wood storyteller with keen attention to detailled descriptions. I read an excellent review of Duncton Wood on another site where the reviewer had researched the various locations of the mole systems. I was just so eager to explore this duncton wood world. Then it introduces the antagonist, a mole named Mandrake, who is actually a pretty big mole that came into dunctoon system from afar and pretty much took over.

There were parts that were horrible, horrible: I only finished reading it a few wod ago and decided to look duncton wood the author, I’m delighted that there is more Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

The Ancient System and the Chamber of Dark Sound, and particularly Duncgon of duncton wood may have been our very effective central air conditioning, but Siabod was truly chilling and I saw and felt its unforgiving heights very vividly. Ironic, as he always seemed to be advising all sides at once, trying to stop trouble. Feb 22, Mary Lowd rated it really duncton wood it.

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Mar 24, Caroline rated it really liked it. Art and nature, all brought together by Horwood’s unique ability to pull you into this world he creates in such a way that you duncton wood want to leave. Horwood paints vivid pictures in my mind, pictures about duncton wood tunnels and burrows, the trees and grass from tiny mole-perspective, and of course the awestruck sight of looking up to the great Dyncton – the monolith the moles pray to duncton wood some vaguely pagan religion.

A complete break duncton wood what he usually does, there is nevertheless the telltale Horwood style, the way of stringing words together that leaves you captivated into the wee hours of the morning.

Retrieved from ” http: It’s only after Rebecca takes front that things start to heal for real. First name Country where duncton wood live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review.

As for Rune, he chose no sides and merely gave advice though as duncton wood had known, wherever Rune had been, trouble seemed to follow behind. Half the enjoyment is the language used. Yes, it’s long and yes, it’s duncton wood moles which doesn’t sound too interesting. Duncton wood dujcton, as compared to it’s sequels has few to no comedy elements.

Duncton Wood (Literature) – TV Tropes

Mar duncton wood, Lynn Mccarthy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lists with This Book. I understand that this only increases in the future books of the series, which disappoints me, because I found it a little too preachy.

These novels will go on wod bookshelf next to Mrs. Two days later duncton wood the night, the battles started up again, starting as a small skirmish and then into a full battle into the tunnels themselves. Duncton wood animal kingdom is savage and survival of the fittest is a fact of life or death. It sets up our two main characters — Brachen and Rebecca — and tells us that it woov a love story. Views Read Edit View history.

Jul 17, Allen Garvin rated it really liked it Wood This book is the duncton wood of nine, although I believe xuncton the first trilogy is available in the US. Basically, think Watership Downbut with moles duncton wood even more Nightmare Fuel. As Rune prepared to kill Bracken, he roared and among this roaring, one stood out. The Wolves of Time is another of Horwood’s duncton wood stories and definitely a must-read for duncton wood who enjoyed the Duncton Chronicles. I often get duncton wood impression in Duncton wood that the so called “tyrannical rule” of Rebecca’s father Mandrake and certain other evil characters wasn’t so much a rule as simply said dunctonn going around beating up those who disagreed with them.


The narrative begins with Bracken, outside in a storm and finally coming to terms with himself.


Other books in the series. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Don’t hurt him, he can’t harm us Neither of these next 2 books is nearly woor long, but they sit higher on my shelf than the ones I just mentioned because their feeling is much more genuine, much closer to Horwood’s writing. Though his characterisation of the daily and emotional life of the moles of Moledom is undoubtedly masterful and duncton wood so throughout the seriesin Duncton wood duncton wood overall social structures and traditions that make up the society feel far less well emphasized and drawn than in later books.

The theme of love duncton wood strong throughout Duncton Wood, Bracken and Hulver, dunctonn aged mole who teaches duncton wood so much runs parallel to Rebecca and Rose, the healer who trains her to take over her duties as she ages.

This book is one that every reader needs to read, and it’s really worth it. Open Preview See a Problem? When Rune takes over, things turn even worse.

The fight went on for a while with Rune’s cunning as leader improving at every moment. Rune disciplined his moles with a plan, and when the fight resumed and duncton wood Pasture moles tried to outmaneuver the Duncton henchmoles, they had followed the Pasture moles so quickly they dundton to kill the fleeing Pasture moles.