Gujarati boy and Gujarati girl names. Welcome to ‘s Gujarati baby names collection (Gujarati Names Namavali). Our latest list of more than 20, Gujarati Boy Names Starting With A. Baby Names With Their Meanings, Rashi, Nakshatra, Gender, Religion, Similar Names And Name, Meaning, Add to Fav . Find unique Gujarati boy names and their meaning for your baby | તમારા બાળક માટે Gujarati baby boy names | ગુજરાતી છોકરા ના નામ Name.

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Bimbisaar King of the Gupta Dynasty.

Gujarati Baby Names

gujarati namavali for boy Charan Feet; A Humble Person. Devji Belonging to the Gods. Nridev King Amongst Men. Someone who is religiously inclined, Gift of God. Nirish Free; Without Any Owner. Kuvar Fragrance; Son of King. Mangaleshwar Name of Lord Shiva.

Japesh Lord of Chants; Lord Shiva. Nrip King; Like Lord of State.


Paranjay Lord of the Sea; Lord of Sea. Jalender Lord of Waters. The pathway to the Sun.

Gujarati Baby Boy Names – Gujarati Boy Name List – Gujarati Baby Boys Names Meaning

Jatadhari Name of Lord Shiva. Alkesh Lord of Alkapuri. Neelabh Object in the Sky; Cloud; Moon. Praveer An Excellent Warrior; King.

Gujarati Boy Names » A

Devnath King of Gods. Jaysukhlal Pleasure of Victory. Mandakranta A Sanskrit Metre. Kamboj Conch Shell; Elephant. Darpak Kamdev; God of Love. Prithviraj King of the Earth; Warrior. Jagatveer Bravest in the World; Jagveer. Khushansh Part of Happiness. Jasapal Very Famous; God Shiva. Kapi Monkey; Lord Hanuman. Chittaswarup The Supreme Spirit. Basant Spring; Season of Spring; Happy.

gujarati namavali for boy

Gujarati Baby Names » Boys & Girls » Beginning with A-Z » BabyNamesDirect

My Favourite Names 0. Jayachandran Victory of Moon. Kautilya Name for Chanakya. Abhirup Pleasant Look; Pleasing. Dulal Dear One; Beloved.

Nrupadh Feet of a King. Janu Soul; Life Force. Jagdishchandra King of the World; Moon. Kavin Handsome; Beautiful; Variant of Kevin. Apurva Not Happened Before; Unique. Darshak Gujarati namavali for boy Wind Blowing Fast. Daya Kindness; Gujarqti Gold 24carets. Gopee A Cow-herd; Protector of Cows. Kalap Moon; Lord Chandra. Kaveesha Lord of Poets; Lord Ganesha. Naitik Regular; Ethical; Good in Nature. Henil Foamy; Love with All.


Naagendra Lord Shiva; King of the Serpents. Naanak First Sikh Guru.

Avtar Incarnation of God; Holy Incarnation. Giriraj Lord of the Mountains; King of Mountains. PeacefulSoundShout. Kotes Blessed with Wealth.

Joyful unending, Calmness, LeaderArtless, Simple. Depen Master of Deepak; Master of Light. Gujarati namavali for boy With One Mind. Jagatprakash Light of the World. Kaliranjan A Devotee of Goddess Kali.