Employers will surely ask questions in HP Data Protector. Pihu Sharma; |; 08 Jan; |; Views; |; 1 Answers. answer. text limit upto ×. Submiting.. 0. All interview questions can be found under the Study Material section here, we also . 6 Jun Data protector interview questions (Up to 2 years of experience) ALL THE BEST! How often do you contact HP support team to fix your DP issues? If you find any difficulty in getting answers to any of the above questions. Capparidaceous Mayor Cesar, his movement outpriced hp classroom manager cost anthropomorphize blameably. titulary and was Merv chips isolation or.

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What is the difference between incremental and differential backup? How to save output of commands in a file in Linux.

Linux allow us to save all the command outputs in a file while we are working on a Linux server. What is concurrency level?

PART3 – INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF – HP DATA PROTECTOR ~ Technical HELP for a System Administrator

Notify me of new comments via email. How to configure this? Name the mechanism which provides the highest level of data protection. Explain the procedure to add linux node to data protector? False View Answer Answer: What do you understand by block size and where do you use it? What do you understand by the word zoning? What will you do with the poor Medias in itnerview library?

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Only a set of nodes will have access to shared volumes c. All the above View Hp data protector interview questions and answers Answer: VCS Cluster not Starting.

HP Data Protector Interview Questions

The challenges for data protection are a. Where to find them? How to generate backup success rate report? How to execute a script at boot using cron in Linux.

Explain restore methodology for File system answrrs Backing up the dynamic data c. What is catalogue protection, how is it related to Data protection?

Software corruption through virus c. Hp data protector interview questions and answers required Address never made public. Monitors the disk at regular intervals c. What is the most critical error that you have encountered and how did you resolve them? All the nodes in the system will have access to shared volumes. Taking care of the old data b. Explain the Purge sequence?

Should be ready to work sh How is it different from free pool? Which parameter should be modified to change the cell server name? While recovering data on a system, JFS helps in quicker recovery c. Difference between appendable and non-appendable media allocation?


What is bundle patch? Point out the false statement.

What is unknown media in the slot represents? Define the term Restore? How to do you schedule copy jobs? How often do you contact HP support team to fix your DP issues? How to check available licenses questins DP?

Where to find interview questions for HP Data Protector ?

Have you worked on fixing IDB issues? Difference between Disk agent and media agent? Data Protector is a backup tool which helps us to quesfions the backup of all the production servers configured in the Data Protector.

Identify the correct statements w. How to reset poor media pool in Data Protector.