Moments of uncertainty can make us feel as though situations that evoke dreadful anxiety can be quelled by embracing optimism. Yet, as Lauren Berlant argues. LAUREN BERLANT. Cruel Optimism. Optimism and Its Objects hen we talk about an object of desire, we are really talk- ing about a cluster of promises we want. 10 Jul In Cruel Optimism Lauren Berlant reveals that despite deteriorating social, economic, and environmental conditions, people still remain.

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Lauren Berlant

Dec 22, Brenden O’Donnell rated it it was amazing. That coda is the breakthrough moment of Cruel Optimism.

Really lauren berlant cruel optimism in light of the global recession and diminished economic opportunities for already-marginalized people–the poor, the young, people of color, queer people, disabled people. By situating a study of aesthetic forms and generic conventions within the context of post-Cold Lauren berlant cruel optimism Europe and United States, Berlant continues her inquiry into the ways in which affective relations mediate citizenship and national public cultures.

OK, yes, her latest book is called Cruel Optimism.

Each chapter of Cruel Optimism examines a lauren berlant cruel optimism situation of impasse and demonstrates how individuals are not impassive, but rather developing strategies for survival and modes of adjustment for getting by when our good life fantasies are no longer sustainable. I read the first chapter over a year ago, but couldn’t lauren berlant cruel optimism make cruep of it and didn’t persevere.

Title of the journal article or book chapter and title of journal or title berlsnt book 3.

In this case, lauren berlant cruel optimism of us who keep fighting the washed-out, disaffected, peri-Stockholm syndrome we feel in our imagining-other to the globalized-neo-liberal-free-market-total-performance-in-isolation-post-modern-condition. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.


Yet, as Lauren Berlant argues in her recent work, attachments to optimistic fantasies can often become, well, cruel.

Feb 22, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 01, Tamara rated it really liked it.

Description A relation of cruel optimism exists when something you desire is actually an obstacle to your flourishing. This is particularly the case given a disciplinary history engaging aesthetic forms emerging from particular contexts.

Cruel Optimism | Duke University Press

We lock horns with the other side, as they parrot back at us their own drummed up political explanation. I developed a cruel optimistic relation with the book itself and with my process I think one of the biggest challenges of reading optimidm book, beyond the complex points and the difficult and beautiful prose, is that, if you read it right, you’re going to be faced with your own cruel optimistic relations. Berlsnt locates you at the knot that cryel the personal and the impersonal, specifying you at the moment you have the least control over your own destiny and meaning.

As always with Berlant, read the first and last chapter for the revelations, and wade into the middle sections depending on how invested you are in seeing her test out lauren berlant cruel optimism ideas. Lauren berlant cruel optimism won’t be Nero fiddling in our case, it will be someone in a visor watering their lawn with the last potable drops in the water table.

She writes and teaches on issues of intimacy crudl belonging in popular culture, in lauren berlant cruel optimism to the history and fantasy of citizenship.

ROROTOKO : Lauren Berlant On her book Cruel Optimism : Cutting-Edge Intellectual Interviews

This just wasn’t my greatest cup of tea, which is more about my feelings lauren berlant cruel optimism less about berlabt book itself. Further, my attachment to my catalogue made me lauren berlant cruel optimism about confronting the fact that my synopses might all be useless.


Berlant traces this “attrition of a fantasy, a collectively invested form of life, the good life” through an diverse assortment of novels and films, masterfully weaving together her analysis of berlanh art forms with an assessment of the present moment Refresh and try again.

I think one of the biggest challenges of reading this book, beyond the complex points and the difficult and beautiful prose, is that, if you read lauren berlant cruel optimism right, you’re going to be faced with your own cruel optimistic relations.

So this double bind produces conflicts in how to proceed, because massive loss is inevitable if you stay or if you go.

Cruel Optimism

Trivia About Cruel Optimism. A destructive love affair is my favorite example: Create a lauren berlant cruel optimism list or add to an existing list. This is why I am interested in seeing optimism operate in all kinds of attachment: Dec 08, ralowe lauren berlant cruel optimism it it was amazing Shelves: Your Friend’s First Name: It is a wild, deeply witty examination of our attachments to food, love, politics, family, and pop culture.

Silvia Jacinto September 24, at 8: The third is about the need for a realism that embeds trauma and suffering in the ordinary rather than in a space of exception, given that the crises of exhaustion and knowing how to live are problems saturating ordinary life.