31 Jul But Douglas Rushkoff is so infuriatingly magisterial that you reach, with Life Inc. is as fluent and well-researched as any of his books – but its. Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create” In Life Inc , award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations. 3 Jul Review: Life Inc. by Douglas RushkoffIt’s a hot polemic against modern banking, advertising, shopping, self-help and property speculation, says.

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Life Inc: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back by Douglas Rushkoff

Which are beautiful and valuable, but ultimately, I’m rather skeptical that they will do anything to combat a totalizing corporate reality. It always reminds me Life inc douglas rushkoff, the book is pretty humourless and annoyingly earnest. And if we try to solve world problems, that’s ’cause corporations have taught us to think too highly of ourselves; a more reasonable goal would be small-scale change in our neighborhood.

Only as realistic as the survival of our economy on a geopolitical landscape that no longer accepts the expansion of our markets as given. Philosophically, I agree with the premise, but the sourcing is life inc douglas rushkoff too spotty.

Douglas Rushkoff is a widely known media critic and documentarian. The newfound public relations industry was gaining influence, and political candidates now required corporate funding in order to get into office. This criticism may sound pedantic. Judging by the insane response to the present mess caused simply by the misinterpretation of information, the failures of regulation, and the three-year-old life inc douglas rushkoff of believing the point of cornflakes is life inc douglas rushkoff free plastic spaceman rather than the cereal the parasite has taken over the host.

For the disappearance of community? Who absolves us of the attendant guilt? Throughout the books it seems Rushkoff makes stuff up just to prove his point. Sudden disaster—like a sunk ship or a burned-down workshop—could destroy wealth as quickly life inc douglas rushkoff it could be created. Feb 05, Scott Bartlett rated it it was amazing. Mortgages were less about getting people into property than getting them into debt. As we all know or do we?


Health, mind and body books reviews. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe.

As the Corporate Capitalist systems which have driven economic reality and moderated rjshkoff life continue to break down, Life Inc. After dedicating a great deal of time to discussing how corporations, and in particular the self-help industry, target people by singling them out as individuals, Rushkoff ironically does the same: The landscape on which we are living — the operating system on which we are now running life inc douglas rushkoff social software — was invented by people, sold to us as a better way of life, supported by myths, and ultimately allowed to develop into a self-sustaining reality.

And so we are stuck with branding instead of the relationships we used to have with real people life inc douglas rushkoff their craftsmanship.

Life Inc – Rushkoff

And, part of life inc douglas rushkoff carefully examining just how deep those corporate messages run. He ryshkoff how the corporation became a way for monarchies to rein in the new merchant class and maintain some semblance of centralised control over the new rich. My biggest frustration, however, is in the feeling that what is of value in the book is lost by the tone and approach. The pilgrimage to the work of art and the specific location where the encounter takes place makes for a sacred event.

Profitable businesses want income to exceed expenses and assets to exceed liabilities, not credit to exceed debit which latter life inc douglas rushkoff no sense.


Life Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff |

Lists with This Book. Jan 05, KMO rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was a severe disappointment. I was convinced by my husband to try one more chapter and I was glad that Life inc douglas rushkoff did. It’s tiring to be constantly reminded of how evil everything is and how everything is going to shit. When we not only have life inc douglas rushkoff companies controlling holding companies, as in the run-up to the Depression, but we have outsourcing companies outsourcing some of their own outsourcing, we should look carefully at the corporate “patriotism” of buying from American-owned companies, too, Rusbkoff says.

Four stars because there were a few times where I really wanted him to elaborate on a detail when he just casually throws it onc as an assumption; even when I agreed with life inc douglas rushkoff point, it would be nice to read how he reached his conclusions.


How many corporations do you rely on daily without even realizing it? In short, instead of acting like people, we act like corporations. He provides a few good examples of how this has worked previously and currently. While joining a big cause or a national political campaign may feel good for a moment, it can easily turn immediate, local, and actionable problems into great big abstract ones.

As I type this on my Microsoft Asus laptop, looking at the screen through my new Converse reading glasses, drinking Bigalow earl gray tea and listening to a CTV News life inc douglas rushkoff in the background, I feel like sort of a hypocrite.

Also by Douglas Rushkoff. Douglss was really drawn to this book after reading the excerpts of it on Boing Boing and Rushkoff’s own web site.

All around this book is a terrifying look at life as we know it and experience it right now that I think most of us need to read, hear, and see. Since then my feelings about capitalism life inc douglas rushkoff changed. VNRs have been used by the lide life inc douglas rushkoff to sell new drugs, by the rushkocf companies to present themselves as environment-friendly, and even by the Bush White House in its effort to change public opinion on the postwar effort in Iraq.

What I feel the book suffers from is the fact that there is liffe much explanation of the former, and far less of the latter. Buy the Audiobook Download: Tell me what is working. With this as a precedent, money became equivalent to speech, so corporations could obtain their 1st Amendment right to free speech by spending money.

Life inc douglas rushkoff book is riddled with propagandistic arguments.