Sa. 3. BS First Quality. Commercial Blast. 6. SP6 Definition · SP6 Picture White Metal Blasting SSPC-SP5 (SSI-Sa3), or NACE #1 Definition. Class (equivalent to ISO, Sa Very Thorough Blast-Cleaning). Use a non-metallic repeat abrasive blasting step. 2. Stripe coat welds, bolts. To check the roughness of steel surfaces which have been blast cleaned to cleanliness grades SA and SA 3 before painting.

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If damage does occur, it must be carefully blended out by grinding and the full protective treatment restored, with specified overlaps between coats. If you offer any service without reference to a spec, just expecting agreement with your customer about “implied industry methods” there is a significant chance of conflict after the job is completed; it’s a bad idea: Shahaji Doltade We know that sa 2.

Surface preparation –

The latter method requires large stationary equipment fitted asndblasting radial bladed wheels onto which the abrasive is fed. Get the full specifications: These have included comparator panels, special dial gauges, replica tapes and traversing stylus equipment.

Several methods have been developed to measure or assess the distance between the peaks and troughs of 22.5 cleaned surfaces. If I could apologise for the blatant ignorance, I would. No shadows, streaks or stains are permitted. October 16, A. If a thin coating is placed upon a highly polished surface, the article will possibly look very different shinier than a case where the same coating is placed upon a mill finish or roughened article. A – Steel surface largely covered with adhering mill scale, but little if any rust B – Steel surface which has begun to rust and from which mill scale has begun to flake C – Steel surface on which the mill scale has rusted away or from which it can be scraped, but with slight pitting under normal vision D – Steel surface on which the mill scale has rusted away and on which general pitting is visible under normal vision.


Surface cleaning by hand tools such as scrapers and wire brushes is relatively ineffective in removing mill scale or adherent rust. Near white is good enough for service in most severe sandblastting. Using the Standards ISO is a pictorial standard containing reference photographs that illustrate what each blast specification looks like on a variety of rust grades and initial conditions.

Souren PaulLaure Spriensma, Mr. Your privacy is very important to Graco. If it is possible then please inform about the surface finish value Ra, Rmax which can be achieved by the above mentioned process. I need to know the technical details about the following- Surface preparation – Mild sandblasfing part the surface needs to be prepared by sand blasting as per Swedish StandardSA 2.

Bijat has told us: The specifications contain detailed methods and practices for preparing surfaces. I also want sxndblasting know about from which size of grit we can achieve surface finish SA 2.

A width of 50mm is common. Due to contaminated garnet or technical issues?

Residual millscale on steel surfaces is an unsatisfactory base to apply modern, high performance protective coatings and is therefore removed by abrasive blast cleaning. I don’t believe that anyone said that surface roughness “cannot be the outcome of a blasting process and it isn’t measurable”.

Nor can I see how you can reasonably expect a given surface profile from performing operations that comply with a blast cleaning specification that is unconcerned about surface profile, and which apparently permits the use of any blasting material of any size for any amount of time. We will arrange best way of the shipping which will save your money most.


The above discussions lead me to believe that Sa2. If you try to save time blasting by using a really coarse sand, you can actually cost yourself a lot of money later when trying to achieve a certain mil thickness with an expensive coating. Brush Off will save the owner the most money in the short run, if he can get away with it. September 3, A. Shot abrasives are used for thin film paint coatings such as pre-fabrication primers.

Sand blasting standards: Swedish SA 1, SA 2, SA 2.5, SA 3 vs. NACE and Ra

In most countries it is sandblassting anyway I have the world’s best job: On non-ferrous surfaces e. How can we convert Sa 2. Any aluminium metal spray on surfaces in contact with concrete needs to receive at least one coat of paint to prevent the reaction that may occur between concrete and aluminium. Modern sandblastint tooling has been developed not only to achieve a good standard of surface cleanliness and profile but also to provide near total containment of all dust and debris generated.

It sounds to me like you’ve simply removed any doubt that the surface is clean enough to comply with Sa2.