Subliminal Seduction has ratings and 41 reviews. Don said: In fact, this book seduced me when I first read it. I was seeing subliminal messages every. Editions for Subliminal Seduction: (Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Paperback. SEDUCCION SUBLIMINAL por WILSON BRYAN KEY. 4 likes. Book.

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The topic always was good for at least one day of classroom discussion. But one kind of needs to experiment with fringe ideas at some point in one’s life, and Key is as fringe as they come, not to mention, highly entertaining.

Subliminal Seduction by Wilson Bryan Key

Apparently, I am immune from his particular form of hypnotism, because at one time there were thousands of Americans who DID see wilso images, just as he told them to.

It’s an important book about a very important subject. Do I believe his premise? I first heard about this book mentioned in the Kubrick documentary “Room Professor Key submits that there are subliminal symbols essentially everywhere. Mar 30, Alex S rated it really liked it.

Editions of Subliminal Seduction by Wilson Bryan Key

Still, I was always creeped out by s Newport Cigarette ads. Of course, there’s also the possibility that some advertising executives gave credence to the same things this author did, and thus there may have been some actual experiments with techniques such as described in the book. Who knew that you could see sex everywhere? Probably skimmed parts of it.

Written long before the ssduccion, it really makes you consider just how much we are subconsciously stimulated.

But unfortunately the author takes some semi-credible ideas and goes off the deep-end with them. Bryaj, the value of this book is as an example of how nobody goes broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people, or even its leading intellectuals. Nor is it the mystery of what techniques you can use to protect yourself from their thought-control.

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Open Preview See a Problem? But, for some reason, he allowed his reputation to be tarnished by this book, and I will ,ey see him in the same way again. By way of example – there is currently a Coke advertisement campaign, the tag line for which is ‘taste the feel’. This book explains how advertisers can use pictures or images as a mass hypnosis to influence consumers to purchase their products.

For those interested in checking out this topic, a good starting point is to took I first became aware of the use of subliminal suggestion in advertising when a friend pointed out the imbedded messages in the ice cubes of all those liquor ads in magazines. Dec 09, Boni Aditya rated it really liked it Shelves: There is an interesting section in this book, in which he offers up an anti-feminist analysis of the messages contained in Playboy, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan, but any validity that argument may have had in the 70s would be negated by the changes bryxn publishing since that time.

There is some interesting reading in the book but be cautious about believing what you’re reading. I read it soon after it was published. About Wilson Bryan Key. Oct 15, Zadignose rated it it was ok.

The whole picture emits this unusual little demonstrating of sensuality and its hard to really understand on first glance why. May deduccion, Adam Cummings rated it it was amazing. Trivia About Subliminal Seduction.

This book explores x-rated subliminal techniques used in advertising. Oct 01, Nikki rated it it was amazing. I didn’t put it down until I finished it-and bought my own copy. Equally I cannot agree to schizophrenia is induced by the ability to consciously perceive subliminal artefacts – the evidence is yet to be presented in support of this case by any expert in this area. In the mid-seventies everyone was reading or talking about this book.

seducicon And also, of course we all know sex sells. Oh sure, some advertising creatives may have tried to sneak something in somewhere, and during the 50s there were sufficient attempts at inserting frames into motion pictures that laws were enacted against this sort of thing. For those who think that corporations have any altruistic motives at all, “Subliminal Seduction” is a must-read. This has certainly always been something I have been interested in as a writer, an artist, or whatever the hell I am; looking to communicate and appeal to people through different levels of image, sound and language: As for phallic shadows under elbows of women, or cigarettes a symbol of male virility pointing at Ashtrays a symbol of female sexuality or images spliced into Ads which seem to show some form of sex, yea, I can agree sublimonal exists.

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Todays ads may not be as blatant but they do sell status and use touch points to get the message across. Jan 18, John rated it really liked it. Sep 29, Zombielike rated it did not like it.

Subliminal Seduction

Wilson Bryan Key wrote a series of books on this subject, starting with “Subliminal Seduction. We are constantly being manipulated by ad copy writers; Political ads especially. May 01, Mel rated it it was ok Shelves: Is it a fun read?

Sex’s woven into curtains even, at one point. If the conscious mind cannot discern hidden lyrics because they are sung backwards, or hidden images sublimknal are stylized beyond recognition or hidden in a lot of visual noise, then the subconscious mind can’t do it either. And maybe that whiskey glass depicts a suicidal drunk.

We are endowed with the ability to discern and analyze these things as humans, but seldom do we. Aug 28, Maxwell Bauman rated it it was amazing. I had to stop ‘seeing’ so clearly when I suspected the photo company of putting subliminal messages in an enlargement of a photo of wwilson month-old daughter. The best of these change the way I look at the world and operate within it. Return to Book Page. This is a fascinating read for anyone who wants to take a step This book explores x-rated subliminal techniques used in advertising.