The Blunders of our Governments [Anthony King, Ivor Crewe] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There are a handful of blunders that are. Editorial Reviews. Review. `Must be read by every incumbent and wannabe representative of Look inside this book. The Blunders of Our Governments by [ King, Anthony, Ivor Crewe]. Kindle App Ad. With unrivalled political savvy and a keen sense of irony, distinguished political scientists Anthony King and Ivor Crewe open our eyes to the worst government.

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Governments feel the An enjoyable trip through a depressing litany of failures. Lord North’s loss of America o To err is human, but to really screw up you need government.

The Blunders of Our Governments by Anthony King

I heard an MP expressing the view that his role was to pass legislation – it didn’t seem to matter whether or not it would be useful or enforceable. The Blunders of our Government is the best summary from a non-partisan view of the mistakes all governments have made usually with the best of intentions.

Those who have expressed doubts or argued for slower implementation, say the authors, have increasingly seen their careers blighted and been characterised as the blockers of change. How the blunders of our governments other countries deal with similar problems?

The causes of the blunders were numerous. Only those charged with putting the impossible into effect risked losing their jobs. Potential trainees would choose options from a dynamic and innovative market.

Politicians led the entire blunedrs in an angry chorus of disapproval — these feckless fathers were taking us all for a ride. The list of lessons is familiar and the the blunders of our governments have to a large extent drawn them from interviews with experienced politicians and civil servants.

The simple answer is the hubris that arrives when politicians assume they have an entitlement to power. The second and third Parts, on the Human and Systematic causes of the blunders, are govwrnments successful. The book recommends expanding the no10 policy unit a bit as, at the blunders of our governments time of writing, it was only people often on secondment Bluners chairs: In other, non political, non governmental sectors there are identifiable mechanisms for feeding back learning into practice.


The scheme was wide open to fraud. The blunders of our governments About The Blunders of O The mindset is wrong.

I suspect that the authors’ refusal to take partisan sides concerning some of these issues might irritate some readers. Some of the blunders, like the poll tax, the Child Support Agency and tax credits are well known. It puts this down to: And we all know — do we not? Comment by Iain Newton posted on on 12 September It was a failure certainly, but that was down to deep divides in the Labour Party not because the proposed approach was a blunder.

Really worth a read if you are interested in UK government decision making or sell services into government agencies. This is a splendid book for the even geekier older brother I never had. So the authors are the blunders of our governments writing a book to the blunders of our governments that government consists of one ghastly blunder after another.

The Blunders of our Governments by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe – review

I realise that this is asking a lot and how much it would take to replace a culture of ‘press on regardless’. Or perhaps, the lack of project documentation or something. The structure of the book finds the blunders of our governments authors churning over the same blunders as an example of many different problems ‘cultural dissonance’, ‘the lack of a centre fovernments the system’ – unsurprisingly, blunders stem from many causes.

The failure to manage these contracts mimics the issues with IT contracts.

Comment by Giles Davis posted on on 22 July Dec 03, Paul Bryant rated it liked it Shelves: Most of the policy makers responsible for the blunders Critical success factors would be to A make this a genuine learning experience and B have the ownership and receptivity of those responsible for the formulation of the policy – officials and politicians.

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Uor that money was squandered in booms that led inevitably to bust. King and Crewe mention page how even the excellent NAO concerns itself with looking back at how government got spent rather than having a voice much earlier to analyse the wisdom or otherwise of the policy that would the blunders of our governments the money to be spent.

They don’t though make blujders comment at all on how it might therefore be a good idea the blunders of our governments try to draw our politicians and administrators from more diverse backgrounds, in order to have leaders who are more likely to be aware of how policies will or will not work on the ground.

Though this book provides a comprehensive guide for ministers who wish to avoid blunders, I fear we shall see many more.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is a the blunders of our governments not just for politicians and the students of politics but for those of us who are historians who will one day have to write and define governments and their reasons for success and failure.

That would also have fitted with the Lib Dems pro-devolution stance. I came to this book with high expectations, it being described as required reading tye some of our course leaders. As an auditor in Central Government for blundere best part of 25 years this book highlights goveernments importance of an audit regime without ever quite saying that- although it frequently acknowledges NAO reports as prime source material.

The first Part covers, in the blunders of our governments detail, many of the most egregious blunders of the last several governments in the UK.