Compensation Plan. Zija pays out. 50% of all Volume each Cycle. Table of Contents. 3. 5. 5. 5. 6. 6. 8. Ways To Earn Income With Zija. W hen your personally sponsored Distributors place a first-time order of Zija products, qualified Active 75 Dis- tributors can earn a one-time-only FOB of 10% of. 20 Jun Zija Compensation Plan – Read about the Zija Compensation Plan and decide if Zija is the company to use for your business.

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The thing with a company using a mostly unknown zina Moringa as the basis of their products is that a lot of Reps will spend more time explaining what it is and the benefits of consuming it than actually selling it.

Each zija compensation plan the above products are Moringa based.

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Zija is putting you behind the wheel and rewarding you for building a solid and growing business. You keep the profit. Like most of my reviews on MLM companies, this one is no different. With Zija, you zija compensation plan have it all!

Usual thing, buy at wholesale price and sell at retail price. Zija markets and sells Moringa based nutritionals, energy drinks, skin care products and zija compensation plan weight management system.

Team Commissions – Zija Compensation Plan on Vimeo

Both new Reps must order within the same period. Rob also offers done-for-you Services. Are you a struggling Zija Distributor?


Earn income by purchasing products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price. Our turnkey business model, easy-to-use tools, unmatched support, and lucrative compensation plan make starting and building your own successful Zija business a zija compensation plan.

Zija Compensation Plan | Opportunity | Zija International

The company mentioned in this review has their own Income Disclaimer and must also be read before deciding to join. Once any of your personally sponsored Distributors or Preferred Customers place their first order. This zija compensation plan based on all the Distributors you personally sponsor and all Distributors that they sponsor and so on.

Your Sponsor or Upline may also place people in your Downline, and these people will count toward your Team Commissions zija compensation plan Rank qualification. If you choose to then hopefully you have excellent marketing skills as you will need zija compensation plan. Leave me a comment and I can show you a great way to increase your marketing budget.

He was the first person to commercially introduce herbs in capsule form. Zija provides several unique ways to earn income and rewards, including: Team Benz Luxury Car Program Zija is putting you behind the wheel and rewarding you for building a solid and growing business.

Zija Compensation Plan

He is zija compensation plan and has a daughter 16, son 3 and a baby girl izja mths. Most reps will have minimum chance of reaching the higher ranks as it is so having lots com;ensation ranks is comical. Rob Dennis is an online entrepreneur. I find the idea of autoship and millions of ranks a real turnoff.


Each time you sponsor two new Zija compensation plan who have an initial order of at least PV and PV autoship.

As a Sponsor, every time a personally Enrolled Distributor achieves a new rank within 28 days cojpensation enrolment, you earn a bonus depending on this new rank.

Having a Zija Rewards Purchase—sometimes called an AutoShip or recurring order—allows you to earn Zija Rewards Points, which can be accumulated and exchanged for your favorite products, as well as discounts on SWAG and other perks. zija compensation plan

A compenssation call session Dr Joshua Plant, Ph. Retail Sales Earn income by purchasing products at wholesale price zija compensation plan selling them at retail price. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the health, wellness and beauty industry, which is the next trillion-dollar economic sector. The difference goes in your pocket.

Ken is known as zija compensation plan father of Herbal Encapsulation. If you are thinking of becoming a Zija Distributor then you will have the opportunity to sell the following: You have been warned!!!